Ability to change calendar starting day (internationalization)

Ability to choose starting day of the calendar, can’t remember how many errors I made because it starts on Sunday instead of Monday…

Agreed, we can definitely do a better job respecting your browser’s localization settings when displaying the calendar date picker. I’ll let you know when that change goes out.

Circling back on this, we’ve pushed a change so that the date picker will respect your browser’s locale setting. Does that help?

Hi Andrew,

it requires browser restart, but it works. In the future, the option to set it in the app settings would be perfect, because I had to change browser language to get the desired locale, which I would prefer not to do (I want to be redirected to international/english websites by default and set locale in per-app basis when possible).

Yes, we’ll likely add it in the app settings in the future. I was hoping this change would at least improve things for you in the meantime. It sounds like it’s a net positive, but not without a downside (of having to change your default locale for all other sites).

Yeah, still very helpful! Thank you.