Getting signed out frequently

I seem to get signed out super often! I’m using Sign In with Google and we have our Google workspace sessions set to never expire, but it seems like I’m logging in to Flat a couple times per week. This is the kind of tool I want to be logged in 100% of the time until I log out. Even worse, when I do log in, it takes me to a page listing “my organization” rather than right into workspace. Is there a “keep me signed in” option that I’m missing?

I’m using the app in-browser on Vivaldi 6.7.

Good news, we’ve resolved this issue! Please refresh the app to make sure you have the latest version.

Now as long as Flat is open, you’ll have to login only once a month at most.

Note: There’s still an activity timeout if you close the app or your browser. In that case, when you reopen it you’ll be required to login again if it’s been more than 3 days.