Syntax for filtering workspace

It’d be helpful to add some more capabilities to the workspace filter.

FR-1: See all tickets except those that match a certain filter.

FR-2: Add “OR” or “IN” search filter expressions.

Assume we have the following tickets:

#1 “design home screen” (labels: mobile, design)

#2 “build home screen” (labels: mobile)

#3 “expose new API endpoint” (labels: server)

#4 “integrate home screen with the API” (labels: mobile, server)

Example search queries and their results:


  1. “-label:mobile” → #3

  2. “-mobile” → #3


  1. “label:design,server” → #1, #3, #4

  2. “design | server” → #1, #3, #4

Completely agree. We want to keep the filter simple for the common case, but it makes sense to support some degree of structured filtering.

In fact, we already have a project queued up that would support much of what you describe. I’ll get back to you once it’s generally available.

Happy to report that you can now include some more advanced filtering in the workspace filter, by keyword, user, or label. And you can both include or exclude certain values. You can read more in the docs here.

Just tried it out, works great. Thank you!