Too easy to commit an edit by mistake

The contenteditable inputs are slick but make it dangerously easy to commit an unwanted change

Hello and thanks for the feedback. Are you referring to a particular input?

Sorry. Yeah, the card title

Thanks. Did you actually commit an unwanted change or you just feel it’s bound to happen to you at some point?

I tested it and found that it’s possible. I think the feature is fine if you guard it with a clear editing/not editing toggle

Got it. Just so I’m clear: you mean if we styled the input more clearly as an active text input when you’re editing it? Or do you mean have a button to explicitly save your edits and don’t save automatically on blur?

I can click into a card title and type, and whatever I type is saved. I like that, I like the fact that it’s not visibly a text field, and I like that the autosave is discoverable. What I think is missing is a button that toggles me into a state where I can edit the field, as opposed to one where I’m selecting the text to copy

Ah, I see, thanks for the clarification! We really appreciate you taking the time to share this with us – any other feedback on the product so far?

Nope, I dig it!