Topic URL slugs

Use slugs instead of random IDs in URLs for organizations and workspace (assumes unique constrains for sanitized organization names and workspace names within the organization). If multiple organizations with same name are already present in the database consider adding random id to the organization’s slug.

Basically it would be helpful to be able to have short urls like Flat and Flat (both take you to topic #154). It’s fine if they are replaced with a slug after redirection like Flat, but communicating with ticket numbers happens surprisingly often (but is harder if number is not in the url).

Is your goal to predictably be able to enter a URL just using the topic ID alone? Like, a teammate asks you to check out topic #123, so you want to edit your URL to take you there (as opposed to, say, typing #123 in the search box)?

What if the topic URLs were like Flat? That’s the exact same as now, except that the portion at the end now includes the ticket ID. That way, when you share the URL, the portion at the end includes the ID. Would that improve things?

Yes, that’s the goal.

I think having the number in there already helps.

Great, we’ve pushed a change so that topic IDs are now included in the URLs (if you have the setting enabled in Settings | Appearance).