Bug when reordering todos when collapsed


I think I found a bug :slight_smile:

Reordering ToDo(s) in the task does not work if you collapse already done elements in the same ToDo.

If the finished items are not collapsed/hidden everything is working as expected.

Step to reproduce:

  1. create a task
  2. add a few todo in the task and covert them into separate (sub) tasks
  3. mark one of the (sub) tasks as done
  4. go back to the main task ( form point 1 above)
  5. collapse / hide already done tasks
  6. try to reorder te rest of the tasks

Thanks for the detailed bug report and reproduction steps!

We’re looking into this now.

That was indeed a bug, and we’ve just pushed a fix. After you refresh the page, it should work as expected.

Thanks again!

No problem, thanks for the quick fix!