Not PM friendly view for Viewing the task -> ToDo tasks

If the task was archived before being done it will still be visible in the ToDo lists as all other tasks. It’s impossible to differentiate the archived and not archived tasks

Hi Patryk,

As I understand it, you’re talking about this scenario: a topic has some child topics, and one of the child topics is archived. In that case, the listing in the parent topic doesn’t indicate that the child is archived, and the child’s progress bar still shows it as incomplete.

Do you mind if I ask a couple of quick follow-up questions?

  • For you, does a topic being archived always imply that it’s done?
    • There’s no right or wrong answer, I’m just curious how you think about it.
  • When you encountered this, do you remember what column the topic was in before you archived it?
    • The reason I’m asking is, I’m wondering whether you consider that column to be a “done” column, but Flat didn’t, or whether you archived a topic that both you and Flat considered “in progress”.

Hey. That is an exactly what I meant.

on a daily basis we do archive Done topics. Having said that - from time to time we do have topics that had some description… discussions … and we do not want to implement it, but we also don’t want to loose the discussion, description.

The column was one of our columns in the kanban flow “ToDo” or “Current sprint” (which we really should rename to “current focus”). Once the task is archived you can change the status but it appears as not done.

If you have any other questions do let me know :slight_smile:

Thanks, that’s very helpful!

I’ll keep you posted when we ship a fix for this.

Thank you so much!

Hi Patryk,

I wanted to let you know that we just shipped a fix for this. You’ll need to refresh the page to see it. Let me know if it now works as you expect, and if you have any other feedback.



Works like a charm! Thank you!

I’ll battle test it a little bit more with time but it looks great!

Glad to hear!