Button to move topics to start of another board

OK guys, please take this as a very creative feature suggestion - feel free totally ignore. So, after the switch to the new design, we’ve really embraced using one board for planning and another for the actual dev cycle (feel free to look at our boards).

So, you know how in the final column there is an icon to ‘archive all’. Well that still makes sense for our dev board (called ‘In Development’) but what would be super cool is if that same icon on our planning board could move all the issues to the starting stage of our In Development board. Does that make sense?

I guess you’d have to find a way to make that final icon in the chain customiseable somehow.

Hi Jon,

It’s unlikely we’ll make that icon configurable, however, the good news is that last month we released a new “Quick edit” feature that’ll let you do what you describe just as easily. You can read more about it in our blog and docs.

Basically, in your planning workspace, just click the ellipsis menu in the last column, choose “Select all”, then start typing your development workspace’s name, and you’ll get an option to move all the topics there.

Aha, I hadn’t seen that, that’s perfect!